Garden Jobs we need to fill soon - as of March 8th

We need more than one person for each of these jobs:

1) RUNNERS - In the beginning, as we start working on mulitiple garden properties, and since most of our group doesn't know where these gardens are located, I need some adults to guide others to the specific location they will be working at. After a little while, everyone will be assigned a property and they'll know where to go. These are all within a mile of my home - most are right in my neighborhood - less than a few blocks away.

2) SUPERVISORS: We'll start having a supervisor at each location. They still do plenty of work, but if someone has a question about what to do, they go to them. I'll get walkie talkies for "supervisors" to use at each location so we can communicate. If we need more help at one location OR have too much help at another location, we need to communicate better and resolve problems quickly.

3) SKILLED CHAINSAW WORKERS: Those with a chain saw and especially, those who know how to use one. We have plenty of branches and smaller trees that need to come down SOON and be cut up. We have a short season to do this. There is a skill to cutting larger logs and branches. We need you if you have these skills. I'll work with you on YOUR schedule if necessary. Let me know.

4) TILLERS & HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS: We'll be using shredders and tillers in our garden and need skilled adults, supervising and doing these jobs. Big thanks to Bob Kaggie for bringing his tiller last week and for all those who helped with the tilling in our Salsa Garden.