Work to be done: MARCH 9 thru 14 - We need LOTS of help!

New garden work for Monday, March 9th. We are working outside for a short amount of time. RSVP if you are coming.

Since our HEART OF HOLLADAY GARDEN isn't ready to go yet for another week, we'll begin working on our CORN PATCH GARDEN that I just acquired late Saturday afternoon, just 6 houses up from my home on Casto Lane.

On Monday: 10:30 am - RSVP if you are coming and try to be here at 10:30 am so we can immediately drive up to this new property.

Whether it's raining/snowing, we are going to section off this property in 4' x 4' squares so when our workers arrive on Tuesday, they will immediately be able to start working in their own garden space and not bump into anyone else.

NOTE: I will assign an adult to be in charge of overseeing the work on this property next week. Let me know if you are interested - just for one of the days even.

We would like to have this piece of property looking as good as our garden area in my backyard in about a week. A HUGE thanks to everyone for making our first piece of property look absolutely incredible. Nearly all the wood is stacked neatly and that area is looking GREAT!!

WORK TO DO ON TUESDAY and the rest of the week:

1) Weeding and preparing the soil at the CORN PATCH GARDEN

2) Putting up a NEW Garden Fence in the SALSA GARDEN.

3) Vines taken down on a chain link fence at our CORN PATCH GARDEN,(similar to what we did with the vines at the SALSA GARDEN. You will need branch and vine cutters, pruning sheers, and work gloves, etc.

4) Building the fence at the SALSA GARDEN: The 100 ft. long fence is designed to accomodate VERTICAL plants i.e. cucumbers, green beans, grapes, peas, beans, etc. but not tomatoes since we have another place for them in the garden.
All the materials will be ready to go for Tuesday. NOTE: Paolo will be one of the main supervisors for putting up the fence. Paolo is our Italian Farmer who has worked on and constructed several fences in Italy. He will need a lot of help so bring good work gloves to use with baling wire, etc.

5) Planting Seeds: Before we start planting the seeds on Monday, I need to get them from Julia and Carla, who have a lot of seeds for us to plant. We'll be planting seeds in little containers, to keep inside for a few weeks to get their start. If you want to have a "hands on" experience with this, make sure you come this week.

NOTE: I need a few adults to work the "seed planting" station and help everyone who wants to plant some seeds. We'll teach you first, if you don't know.