We just planted a bunch of Broccoli - Here's more info about growning Broccoli


What we are working on during the next few days - April 30 - May 2

Between my garden area and the Corn Patch Garden Area 6 houses up the street, you can keep inspecting each plot. Nearly all of them have numbers now. Look for weeds and pull them, straighten the borders on each plot (i.e. rocks, etc.). The plants shouldn't need any water since someone else is watering. We now have Broccoli and Cabbage in besides the other plants. Look to see if anyone has dropped off any grass clippings near my front Pine Tree in my front yard where I park my cars. If so, take all the grass clippings or any other fine mulch you see and spread it around the walkways of my garden and the Corn Patch to prevent weeds from coming up. We need to keep spreading mulch on the walkways. If you see "fist" size rocks up at the corn patch, start bordering them around the plots starting w/ Plot 12 or so. We need to start smoothing out all the plots so bring a hoe and a landscape rake. Don't stay longer than 90 minutes or so. Send me an email and let me know you went if any of the property owners were wondering who was there without me, I can vouch for you.

We just planted Cabbage in our garden! Here's how to grow Cabbage



For anyone who wants to work on Saturday, May 2nd

Here's the plan. Take a landscaping rake and go to the Corn Patch Garden, up the street from my home on Casto Lane, 6 houses up. It's our biggest garden property. Many of you have been there and know what I am talking about. You'll see that we've marked ALL of the plots now: Plot 1, Plot 2, etc. with bright yellow laminated cards. Make sure that they are all still in tact or fix them if they are falling out.

With a landscaping rake, start to break up the dirt in one plot at a time and smooth it out. Take one plot at a time and get them smooth, ready for planting. Right now the ground is very lumpy, especially at the Corn Patch Garden and it each plot needs to be smoothed out. Do what you can, keep track of your own time and leave whenever you like. All the plots just need to be smoothed out, ready to start planting in about a week from now.

They are ALL looking SOOOOOOOOOO good right now. I'm getting really excited!!! Plus the Mayor of Holladay and the city manager, Dennis Webb and Randy Fitts, are excited to see what we are doing with our Garden Group. They are VERY supportive with our cause and so are all of the land owners right now!

At the Corn Patch, Susan, the property owner and my relative, calls us the Little Garden Gnomes, since we do all of this work and she never sees us there much. She says, "It's like we go to sleep and wake up with all this new progress in the garden!!" They are very excited to see it evolve.

We can always accomodate more people in our Garden Group! Spread the word.

Forward this info to ANYONE you might think might be even REMOTELY interested in our Garden Group! We need more people! We now have 80 plots and I can't wait to show them off to everyone in the group!! Today you'll see all the progress we've made lately. It's so fun to watch all of this evolve!!


Change of plans: we are still bordering our plant beds w/ rock, brick or tile - BRING any that you can find!

This is one way to do it - the MORE expensive way when you have no resources....

Black Mesh can be bought in stores as seen in the photo above. That photo was taken in our 2008 Garden. We used it, saved it and it's awesome to work with! We will use it in some of our gardens. It never lets any weeds come up through it. As you can see, the drip line is under the black mulch.