More about "how many hours you need to work in our gardens"

We need a lot of help in each of our gardens this year. Identify which of our garden locations is closest to you and plan to work in that one, if you like.

However, I would strongly recommend at your earliest convenience, that you visit OR better yet, work in each of our four garden locations at least once, so you see what each one looks like and where much of the food will be coming from that you eat.

We recommend that all garden members, who want PLENTY of food, put in a minimum of 25 hours of work in our gardens between now and the end of November,(that averages out to be 3 - 4 hours/month) OR you can put in the bulk of your time in the spring, summer or fall or whatever. We need help during the entire garden season so you can decide what works best for you.

The bottom line: The more you come, the more you learn about all types of gardening (square foot, vertical, large gardens, small gardens, shady gardens, sunny gardens, greenhouses, etc.) AND the more food you get.

If you put in more than 25 hours, we will love you forever!! With 2.5 acres of land this year, we need a lot of help, but just do what works for you. We're flexible!