We have been working in 3 of our 6 gardens now for almost a month and I'm VERY impressed and amazed with the help we have received from children and supportive spouses, who have worked so hard to help us prepare the land before we start to plant.

If you need to bring a young child or baby, please keep them far away from any surrounding dangers but I know kids love to play in the dirt so bring them some hand tools and give them an area where they can play and not be in the way. I love watching children work with us. They will try and imitate everything we do so it's a good thing to have them around. Raking, picking up twigs and branches, filling garbage bags, tilling the ground with a little hand claw, digging in the dirt, etc. are all great things that they will enjoy.

My husband and I have raised four children and I know how important it is to teach them, while they are young, how to ENJOY working hard - especially outside. Soon, all the children will be able to help with more garden chores i.e. picking fruit, pulling weeds, etc.