As of March 29, see what we've planted...

Our gardens are looking better and better EVERY week!! We have planted spinach, lettuce, carrots, peas and beets from seed. These are cold weather plants and it's a perfect time to get them in the ground. We'll continue to plant more every week so we have produce coming up continually throughout the season.

Based on some expert advice, we have made some adjustments on where we will plant our veggies but since we have a TON of space and the soil is VERY rich on all of our properties, it's not a problem.

Indoors, we are continuing to grow (from seeds) 48 plants of cabbage, peppers, broccoli, and lots of tomatoes.

To those who came this week, we gave away lots of bagels and samples of my delicious Apricot Freezer Jam that we'll be making again this summer. During the coming weeks, all those who come and help in the garden will get more samples of these treats - including another super delicious freezer jam we made last year - Freezer Pear Jam! You won't believe how good these low-sugar freezer jams taste! I'll be sharing the recipes with you soon also.