What is ORGANIC Matter?

One of the best soil amendments is organic
matter. Organic matter simply defined is
anything that at one time had carbon atoms
and was once alive.
Manures from herbivores (cow, turkey,
horse), animals that eat alfafa, hay or grass
are considered organic; however problems
may occur if you put manure directly onto
your vegetable and flower beds. Manures
are high in salts and often have weed
The best method of adding organic matter
is using compost. Compost is organic
matter that has been decomposed through
microbes, that is fungi and bacteria, which
have broken down the materials over
time, at the same time raising temperatures
of compost piles up to 140 degrees,
hot enough to kill many weed seeds and
pathogenic microbes.
The best solution would be to compost
your own kitchen scraps (no meat, bones,
or fatty foods), and garden wastes for your
garden. However, if you are limited with
space or need additional compost, it is
available for purchase. Compost can be
purchased at nurseries and garden centers
by the bag or one could go to one of
two landfills in Salt Lake County.
Compost is available in bulk at two
municipal facilities in Salt Lake County.
Best to call ahead for availability. Go


for more information for
compost rates at 6030 West California
Ave (1400 South) call (801) 974-6922.
The other location 10873 S. 7200 W. in
South Jordan and phone number (801)

A small half ton pickup truck holds
approximately one cubic yard equivalent
to about five wheelbarrows. Also it
may be helpful to know that at nurseries
and garden centers, compost is usually
sold in bags that are one cubic feet, and
it takes 27 bags to equal one cubic yard.
A common question is how much to
add? Here