As soon as you arrive to work, if you don't see me or you haven’t received a work assignment yet, these are things that ALWAYS need to be done in each of our gardens.

Basically, inspect EACH plot:

1) Borders – Tidy the border on each plot. Make sure it is neat, clean and secure. We get a lot of traffic and our borders remind everyone where they can and cannot walk. Make sure rocks are straight, dust off any grass or mulch. Whether the border is made of rock, tile, plastic pipe, wood, etc., notice if any part of it is missing and could be fixed and then fix it.

2) Walkways – They need a new layer of mulch often all summer long also. When they get thin, you'll see dirt or weeds coming thru. Lay more mulch down. Make sure it’s even and easy to walk on. Pick up larger weeds, pine cones or sticks and put them in our compost pile. Newspapers should not been showing. Cover them up.

3) Plots – Mulch should be evenly spread over the entire plot – leaving a small space for where the plant is growing. If mulch is getting thin and you can see dirt or weeds, lay more mulch down. Make sure it’s laid evenly. Get rid of any larger weeds or sticks. Make sure newspapers do NOT show thru. Cover them up.

4) Driplines – Make sure they are UNDERNEATH the mulch and close to the plant. We will continue to lay drip line throughout ALL of our gardens.

5) Laminated Plot Names – Make sure they are stuck in the ground INSIDE the plot.

6) Plants – Get acquainted with the Moisture Meter. Check the plants for moisture BEFORE watering any plants. For the most part, you won’t be watering the plants. That will be done by others who will monitor them closely.