My Favorite Homemade Freezer Jam Recipe

This summer we'll be picking PLENTY of apricots, peaches, apples, plums, pears, etc. This is what I LOVE to do with some of the produce: make Delicious Homemade Freezer Jam!

It's much healthier and costs a lot less!
Enjoy making and eating FRESH, homemade jam! It’s easy to make your own healthy, delicious jam.

I love this recipe because it has a LOT less sugar than other recipes! I especially love making peach, apricot, pear, grape or plum jam.

5 cups mashed fruit
2 cups granulated sugar
½ cup light corn syrup (stops crystallizing of sugar)
3 – 5 tbsp. Clear Jel (Instant)

Mix sugar and Clear Jel (Instant) together.
Mix mashed fruit and corn syrup together and mix well.
Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.
Put in freezer containers and freeze.

Money Saving Tip: Use Clear Jel (Instant) INSTEAD of pectin. It's much cheaper and allows you to use MUCH LESS sugar in your recipe. I've made Apricot Jam and Pear Jam with this recipe and they have both been delicious!!

WHERE TO BUY CLEAR JEL (Instant): Gygi Culinary Solutions - gygi.com
Cost: $10.95 for 5 lb bag - This bag makes a lot of jam and will last a LONG time or share it with a friend and share the cost if you like.

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