Tips for Growing a GREEN Lawn

Tips for maintaining a green lawn
May 3rd, 2009 @ 10:47pm
By Paul Nelson

RIVERTON -- The rain has kept our lawns looking nice and green for now, but what can you do to keep it green and full after the weather dries up?

If you noticed you lawn had some patches where it wasn't growing and you think you need to reseed, do it now.

IFA Home and Garden assistant manager Geoff Jensen told KSL, "You're going to have a lot better germination. That grass is going to grow back better. You're going to have better results doing it this time of year."

Jensen says iron helps, but you shouldn't use it if you don't like mowing.

"If you put iron on, it really greens it up. It makes your lawn look great, but you are going to be mowing every three to four days," he said.

Many people make organic compost with egg shells and corn for their gardens and flower beds, but Jensen says that stuff doesn't work for lawns.

Another tip for this time of year: fertilize your lawn with a weed and feed. If you don't have a problem with weeds, use a 30-10-0 spring blend of fertilizer. Don't use a 17-5-10 fertilizer because that will put it to bed for the fall. Using a 46-0-0 during the summer can burn your lawn.

If you see brown spots in your lawn, pull up some of the brown grass. If it comes right up, you likely have grubs. If you sense some tension in the grass, you likely have a fungus.

With all the advances we've made in gardening, they still haven't created a lawn that takes care of itself.