May 13!! First harvest is ON and ready to be picked!

Fresh spinach and three types of lettuce are ready to be picked! This makes for a very delicious tossed green salad! You should taste these leaves especially if you've never had fresh greens before right out of the garden! They are SO good!
I'm excited since this is our FIRST harvest of the season and it's only May 12!!

If you want to pick some of this harvest, email me ASAP and let me know when you can come.

Those who are eligible for this harvest are those who have put in any amount of hours in the garden so far this year OR are one of our garden property owners.

Bring a quart AND gallon size ziplock bag AND a pair of scissors. If we get a lot of response, I'll ask you to pick a quart size bag of greens, if we don't get as much response, you'll be able to pick a gallon size bag. I'll let you know when you come.

This crop MUST be picked during the next 2 days while at its peak (before it gets too big and starts to go to seed.) Thanks so much!!