Update for Garden Work on Sat. Feb. 28, 2 - 4 pm

I REALLY want to thank all those who showed up this morning, Friday, Feb. 26. (about 10 people). It was very chilly and NO ONE COMPLAINED!! Amazing. We got a LOT of good work done. We are now working on 2 garden properties so, trust me on this one, we have PLENTY of work for EVERYONE to do!!!

Everyone who shows up on Saturday, Feb. 28 will get bagels from Riches Bagels. I've have cream cheese for you to dip into also.

The first garden property is my backyard - think of it as a Big Salsa Garden. We'll have a variety of over 80 tomato plants in this garden along with jalapeno peppers. You are going to LOVE our Salsa Parties!!! Everyone will get to make their own Homemade Salsa in my backyard with much of the produce fresh from our garden OR you'll be able to take the produce home and make it. I use a Magic Bullet to make it and it's called Six Second Salsa since you can make it in about 6 seconds!!

In my backyard property we need people to
1) rake and sift through the mulch for little branches, vines, and other stuff we don't want in our garden
2) cut branches with a chain saw. If you have one, PLEASE bring it. Some branches have to come down still and others just have to be cut up.
3) other misc. stuff
4) Start to Till the ground
5) Shovel and help till the ground.
6) Use Branch cutters to break down the rest of bushes and branches

On our 2nd property (Murray Holladay Road Garden and Largest Garden Property,(more than 3500 Sq. ft.), we need people to:
1) Bring your White Buckets, gather rocks and help build our borders
2) Bring a shovel if you have one
3) Bring branch clippers to get rid of unwanted bushes
4) Bring good garden gloves for cutting down prickley bushes - we're taking them out!

Bottom line - What to bring on Saturday, Feb. 28.
If you have these, bring them, if not, don't worry. There's plenty to do without tools or you can use mine.

Heavy Plastic Bucket (I have some for sale, let me know if you haven't already)
Approx. 5 clean, plastic, Grocery Bags
Rake - any kind
Work Gloves
Water bottle
Branch Cutters - big or little
Chain saw
Garden Punchcard