Attention - Moms w/ young children! We need you!

Even though I don't want mothers to bring their young children to our garden area because of equipment and tools, etc. there is still plenty we need moms to help us with!
Check OFTEN (if possible, daily) through the FREE classified sections of KSL.com AND Craigslist.org in the SLC area OR for those of you who are in Utah County, check your local area.

There are some super GREAT deals out there! Many people just want to get rid of their stuff to the first person who will come and pick it up. I'll anxious to find out what things you are most interested in. For me, I'm interested in good bookcases (especially for food storage), sod, wood, equipment and garden tools, etc. or anything related to Feeding a Family especially.

ALSO Garage Sale/Yard Sale Season is right around the corner!!

I don't know about the rest of the Salt Lake valley but there's a TON of REALLY NICE STUFF that people in Holladay get rid of for next to nothing! We need to be ready to pounce on the great deals out there and take advantage of opportunities handed to us if we open our eyes and see them!