Get your Garden Punchcard the first time we see you.

Those who come on Saturday, Feb. 21, will receive their Garden Group Punchcard - which has 25 punches. Each time you come to help, you'll mark off a punch. Because we are working in other backyards in my neighborhood besides mine, and because I am protective of my neighbors property, make sure you bring your Garden Punchcard each time you come to work with us. I want to get to know those who are in our group and have confidence and trust in them. Neighbors or friends are not invited to use your pass. They must sign up officially with our group before coming to help. Especially at the orientation this Sat., don't bring younger children since we'll be outside a lot and it's still fairly cold.

If you can not attend on Saturday, Feb. 21, it's not a problem. If you haven't paid yet, get your money in asap since you won't be invited to participate until you do.