About our 2nd Garden Property we started working on, Friday, Feb. 27

Just so there is no confusion, we are now working in TWO gardens - just about a mile from each other. I will specify each week where we will be.

This is a VERY large space, with NO trees and tons of potential. This area is known as the Holladay Community Garden. It's going into it's 4th year. Last week I was invited to share this large piece of land with other individual gardeners, but since they know I have my own Garden Group, they have allowed us to use a very LARGE space.

Where is it? It's about a mile from my home in the heart of Holladay. How to get there from my home: Go west on Casto Lane to Holladay Blvd. Turn Right (NORTH) on Holladay Blvd. Go to the 2nd Stop Light (Murray/Holladay Road (4680 So). Turn WEST or left, drive for about 1 - 2 blocks. Turn Right (north) and park in the parking lot, just before the Olympus Jr. High School AND the STOP LIGHT. The stop light was put there for students to cross the busy street. You'll need to use it to get to our garden area. Look for the open space directly across from the parking lot. It has a long cement barrier in front of it to encourage people to stay out.

Our space is easy to find! Look for the BIG space (toward the middle of the field) that has a ROCK border all the way around. Please be respectful of other garden spaces. If you bring any children to help, make sure they understand to stay out of other garden spaces. Do not take any rocks, dirt, sticks, objects or anything from their space. We have plenty to work with in our area. We don't want to make enemies with our garden neighbors since we want them to teach us some of their tricks for growing a garden.

In my weekly emails, I will specify where we are meeting and what garden we are working on. If, for some reason, you don't find us, keep a cell phone with you and call me to find out where we are. It will always be right here in Holladay. My cell phone: 801-278-5313.