Fill out this Garden Questionaire - send it to me via email

Please copy, paste this info then fill it out and send it to me via email. It helps me to get to know everyone a lot better. It gives me an idea of what you want out of this garden experience and how I can help to make that happen.

Do you have any gardening experience?

When it comes to gardening, do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or do you have an talented, skilled "green thumb"?

Do you have any experience using Garden or Yard equipment i.e. tiller, chain saw, wood shredder, wood splitter, etc. If so, specify which ones.

List any gardening experience, talents, skills, resources, knowledge, etc. do you have?

Do you have any connections to a garden nursery?

Do you have anything in particular that you want to especially help with the most in our garden?

What kinds of plants would you like to grow in our garden?

We are expecting positive attitudes and hard working skills from everyone in the group but beyond that, let me know if you have any specific things you'd be willing to share with us i.e.
a truck, garden equipment, tools (rakes, shovels, hand tools), freezing, canning or dehydrating food skills, plants that are overgrown in your yard that you'd like to thin out and share with us, seeds, containers, tomato cages, fruit trees in your yard or neighborhood that might need picking, skills in growing seeds indoors, growing herbs or flowers, any extra land we can use for gardening, etc.