What kind of people join our Garden Group?

I find it interesting to see the type of person who joins my Gardening Group. They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, all abilities, all ethnic and religious backgrounds, etc. They all seem to have a different reason why they want to join our group:

1) Some want to lose weight and become more active. They want to do something healthy for themselves after work instead of plopping down in front of the TV for the evening.

2) Some don't want to go home to an empty house. They may be widowed or live alone. They love being active but don't really care if they get any of the harvest.

3) Some want to learn HOW to garden and have no idea where to begin so they copy a lot of what we do here in our gardens, then go home and do the same in theirs.

4) Some are motivated to come so they'll get the fresh organic homegrown produce which they crave so much.

5) Some are motivated to teach their children how to work in the gardens so they bring their kids. I was concerned at the beginning of the season about bringing kids (at that time we were using chain saws and other heavy equipment to clear the ground) but since then, they have been some of our VERY best workers.

6) Some live in condo's or apartments and have fond memories of working on a farm or growing up gardening with their family in their own backyard but don't have any space to do it now. They are definitely drawn to our group.

BOTTOM LINE: Everyone who joins is a hard worker, loves being here, has a great attitude, gets along great with others - young and old, works well together, and is grateful for opportunities to eat TONS of fresh produce, learn valuable garden skills and get to know other like-minded people who aren't afraid to get dirty, work hard and play in the dirt.