We are still planting! We can always use more help.

Many people think that if you don't have everything planted right now, June 24, then you are too late to plant for the season. NOT SO! There are all kinds of things to plant throughout the summer. It's also a good idea to "stagger" your planting so you have crops coming up all different times during the growing season, and not all at once.

Below are just some of the seeds you can plant in July and August:

Corn: Third week of July
Peas: Last week of July
Carrots: Last week of July
Pole beans: First week of Aug
Swiss chard: Second week of Aug
Beets: Second week of Aug
Summer Squash: Second week of Aug
Bush beans: Second week of Aug
Lettuce: Third week of Aug
Spinach: Third week of Aug
Broccoli: Third week of Aug
Radishes: Second week of Sept