xxxxxxxxxxxBEST place in town to get ALL of your plants - veggies, flowers, herbs....

Anyone who knows much about buying quality plants in the spring for the best price, knows about
Lambert Floral
They are located at 3900 South Redwood Road (on the WEST side). The parking lot is always full and they never advertise since everyone just knows where to go. When you go there, before going in, look on the NORTH side of the main building for a HIGH TUNNEL Greenhouse. This is similar to mine except it is open on both sides and it's a half circle. My High Tunnel Greenhouse is a Gothic Style.

Lambert Floral is only open for a few months out of the year and then they close again until next spring so at least go see what we're talking about. I'll buy some of my plants there this year then hopefully by next year I will be growing all of my plants in our greenhouse.